The New Horizons Music Festival is proud to announce a special performance and residency by pincushioned as part of the 2014 Festival!


pincushioned is a live interactive performance duo featuring Barry Moon and Doug Nottingham. Since 2007 the group has been seeking to reexamine multimedia by artfully combining emerging and anachronistic technologies to create improvised performances non-linear sound and visuals. The group frequently appears in festival, gallery and concert settings, often incorporating site-specific elements and trans-media arts collaborations.

Since 2007 they have been working from a remote/suburban desert bunker melding digital sounds and images with their analog counterparts- beating drums, destroying guitars, spinning dials, sliding faders, writing software, building instruments and projecting bizarre imagery. These garbage-pickers of music and art exploit anything/everything: Jay Z, Xenakis or Rembrandt are no safer than Shostakovich, the Butthole Surfers or Bill Viola from their synthesizing/thieving hands.

They go beyond post-modernism and into pre”whatever”, creating an abstract body of interactive millennial media art. Their ethos/nihilism is evidenced by a DIY/DUI search for “digital answers for unasked questions” or “D.A.F.U.Q”. They play/labor laying down grooves/non-grooves in 4/4, 13/4, 17/5, etc. not to be clever (they are not), but because they feel it; they want you to feel it.

When pincushioned are not self-indulgently crafting what Frank Zappa would characterize as “inconsequential poot,” Baz and Dug are employed/underwritten by various Arizona governments enriching/poisoning the minds of emerging/retreating artists. As you enjoy/hate their “presentation”, keep in mind that Arizona’s #1 export is embarrassment… or check it out at

pincushioned will be embarking on an international tour in Spring 2014 featuring performances and congruent master-class presentations, as well guest lecture/demonstrations and collaborative performances at host institutions and venues. Additional information and work samples are available at